Hi I'm Kaitlin!


First Here's a bit about me: 

(Incase you have any interest. If not, skip ahead. I'll never know!)

Since as long as I remember I've been creating. Mom used to gather all kinds of materials, odds and ends, and then set my sisters and I loose, making anything we could dream up. Any long car ride included a roll of tape, a box of kleenex and a box of markers. The car would explode in colourful creations when we all piled out. Dad passed on a love of photography from the start. The family moved to the middle east for a few years, and as a very shy kid, I always found peace in art. 

When it came time to leave home and decide on a career path I told my mom: "I want to be an artist, but I don't want to be a starving artist!" So I decided to study teaching as well as Art and hopefully, I'd find a way to keep art and photography in my life.


After school I travelled Europe and worked in Asia. I found (and continue to find) so much inspiration, in the unfamiliar, and in seeing the famous work I had studied in university. 

I then began my Canadian teaching career as a kindergarten teacher at a private school here in Calgary. I loved kindergarten! I love how they wonder about everything and tell you like it is. I still think the way kindergarten is structured is the best way to learn, with art, music, and so many cross-curricular connections. I then, for a change, moved into a new position teaching art at the same school. It is a wonderful place to work. So why Kindsight Studio? ...

Now here's a bit about why I've started Kindsight studio:

The word "kindsight" is, as you might have guessed, a play on the word "hindsight". This one simple made-up word really struck me. Instead of looking at your life for its flaws, add a little kindness to your view and your ability to grow, learn and create blossoms. 

This word can definitely be applied to both art and photography. Instead of telling yourself you are not creative, or you can't draw, or you are not photogenic enough, Let that go and give it a try. Have you ever marvelled at a young child's art? It's so carefree. They put no worry, and often little planning, into their creation. See what happens when you touch a brush to paper. Or let me help you record a moment in your life, or your family's life, with photos.

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